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So, today I decided to make some more whipped shea butter.

I always use her’s as a guiding recipe ( )

But, considering I’m a college student in a small ass dorm without a kitchen, I don’t have measuring tools. So I had to wing it. I’ve always loved BUTTERY and the smoothie type of shea butter because it’s so pretty lol

I used a cheap one cup blender, and the other ingredients posted here also. If you can’t see the names, message me. I used some pretty decently priced ingredients and an extremely cheap blender because I’m a college student on a budget (:


  1. idontlikethischick said: This looks really great.. gonna make this next week when my oils get here. Thanks for sharing!
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    Save up! That’s what I had to do (:
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    im too broke to make my own whipped shea :/